SINCE 1963





Cho’s Kitchen was previously located on “Old 99,” which is now called Whitson St. Jin Hong and Tais Cho, born in China, bought K and K Chop Suey, owned by “Og” and Florence Ogata, in the summer of 1963. They renamed it Cho’s Kitchen. Mr. Cho had previously worked in Chinese restaurants in San Francisco as well as the well-known Fairmont Hotel, before working as a chef at Imperial Dynasty in Hanford. He and his wife moved to their present location at 2030 E. Front St in 1967.

In 1963, the most popular dish on the menu was item #1 – Pork Chow Mein, Fried Rice, and Fried Shrimp for 95 cents! At $8.95 in 2022, it is still the most popular dish and still a good value.


During their 59 years in operation, Cho’s Kitchen has become a well-known Selma institution patronized by local customers in a friendly, community atmosphere. Jarrett is the head cook in the family business now. As Bev proudly says, “3rd Generation Cho is feeding 3rd and 4th Generation customers!”

Beverly Cho (on right, pictured with her son Jarrett)

Their children, Bev, John, and Will, worked at Cho’s every day after school until closing on weekends, studying when they could at an empty table or on 100lb sacks of rice! The elder Cho’s always stressed hard work and the importance of education. It is no surprise that each one earned college degrees. Bev, the older, received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Home Economics from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo while John and Will graduated from Fresno State University. John received two Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Geography and Chemistry, as well as a Master of Arts Degree in Urban and Regional Planning. Will earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Accounting. Each returned to work at Cho’s and eventually took it over so that their parents could retire. John just retired both from Fresno City College teaching  Asian Studies and from his Kung Fu Studio after 30 years.  Currently Will teaches kickboxing and Karate at Fresno State, he also is the JV tennis coach at Buchanan High School. Both John’s kids (Elaine and James)  and Will’s daughter (Jocelyn) all have worked at Cho’s. Lance, Bev’s youngest son, decided early on that I am going to college and not working the family business. Bev and her older son, Jarrett, run the restaurant now. It was once jokingly said that they had the best educated cooks of any Chinese restaurant! Eating at Cho’s is kind of like walking into the Cheers Bar, where everybody knows your name….or your favorite dish!